Thomas Baker is a below the knee amputee resulting from complications following a blood clot and a severe infection in his left leg. After the amputation and initial healing process, Jan-Morgan Gainer of Advanced Prosthetic Research visited Thomas at his home in Denison. Thomas said that “he never thought he would be able to walk again”. Even though he had doubts, APR assured him that he would be able to walk again – and per Thomas, he says he now walks “better than ever”!

Interview with Thomas Baker – client of Advanced Prosthetic ResearchAccording to Thomas, it normally takes about one year to completely get used to a prosthesis and be comfortable wearing and walking with it. However, it only took Thomas six months. Per Thomas, “if you could see me with blue jeans on, you’d never know I had a prosthetic leg! I walk so perfectly – just like everybody else!”

Thomas says he can get out with his grandson and go walking, and do just about anything and everything anybody else can do. He can even climb the steep football stands in Denison – something he was not able to do easily before he lost his leg.

Regarding his prosthesis, Thomas uses what’s called an Elevated Vacuum System, and once he has it in place “it’s not going to come off.”

Because of the positive experience Thomas had with APR, he doesn’t hesitate to make referrals; he has made no less than 5-6 in Denison.

While Thomas is most pleased with what Jan-Morgan has done for him, he was quite complementary of Julie Hollimon, who he described as a very sweet person – a person who takes her time to make sure everything is just right. Thomas hopes nobody else ever has to go through what he has, but if they do, he highly recommends they talk to Advanced Prosthetic Research.