Tips for Taking Care Of Your Limbs

Tips for Taking Care Of Your Limbs

To stay healthy and keep your limbs working properly, it is important that you take good care of them. For instance, it is important that there is adequate air circulation around your residual limb to prevent it from becoming a habitat for bacteria.  However, due to the sweat that prosthetic sockets sometimes trap, the air circulation can be inhibited, leading to fungal and bacterial infection. These infections could in turn cause skin irritation and abrasions. In extreme cases, this process may eventually result in skin breakdown. To avoid these scenarios, proper maintenance of the limbs should be a top priority. Here are a few tips for taking care of your limbs:

Tips for Taking Care Of Your LimbsNew amputees should avoid leg hanging

Hanging your legs leads to swelling which complicates the process of putting on your prosthesis. Other activities that would make your limbs swell should also be avoided. These include bathing in hot water just before you put on the prosthesis. It is preferable that you bathe at night to give the limb enough time to shrink back to its normal size. You could also use a shrinker during sleep.

Clean your limb daily with soap and water

Every day, make sure you clean your limb using gentle soap and water. If you sweat heavily, consider washing the limb more than once a day. Every time you clean the limb, give it time to dry. This way, you will avoid fungal growth in the prosthetic socket which could later lead to abrasion or infection.

Exercise daily

Every day, make sure you undertake some stretching exercises. These will ensure that you are able to straighten your hip and knee. As a result, you will walk better. In fact, even lying in bed will become more comfortable.

Taking good care of your limbs is a significant part of staying comfortable while using your prosthesis. If you are in doubt when using them, call your prosthetist for advice. Advanced Prosthetics Research (APR) has qualified Prosthetists that can help you stay comfortable and make the most of your prosthesis. Call APR today and get help on how you can achieve more comfort.