Q: What if my Insurance Provider will not pay for a prosthesis?

A: If you lack sufficient coverage for prosthetic services you may feel like you do not have a shot at getting a prosthesis. Fortunately there are a wide variety of ways to go about getting a prosthesis in the event your plan does not include coverage for a prosthesis, or even if you have no insurance coverage at all.

There are charity based programs like Limbs for Life, that offer free prosthetic devices to people who do not have coverage for them. For these types of funding sources, you will be required to fill out paperwork in conjunction with your prosthetist and join a waiting list. These options are generally no strings attached arrangements, however you will often end up waiting quite a while as many people sign up for these services.

In addition to charity based programs, there are also workforce rehabilitation programs that are organized and maintained by a branch of your State government. These programs will be able to provide you a prosthetic device free of charge as well. In exchange however, you must create a rehabilitation plan that will help you get back to work and return to a productive lifestyle. These kinds of programs are generally the best option for younger amputees who need a prosthesis to start, or continue working.