Q: How often will I have to get a new prosthesis?

A: You will need a new prosthesis whenever your current system is not serving your needs. This can be simplified down to two important questions. The first is whether or not your socket fits well. A poorly fitting socket can turn even the most expensive components into fancy paperweights. If your socket is causing you pain or feels loose, we will immediately begin the process of creating a new one for you. In the meantime, we will give you some supplies and instruct you on how to temporarily compensate for any changes in fit. It is important that you make an effort to reduce your activity when utilizing these temporary solutions as they will not provide the same stability and control as a properly fitting socket. The most common reason we see for changes in fit are due to a decrease in volume of your residual limb. This most frequently occurs in the few years immediately following your surgery.

The second question is whether or not your components are appropriate for your needs. The most common time that we see this is during the initial period of rehabilitation after receiving your prosthesis. The next most common cause is broken, out of warranty, or malfunctioning components that you have had for a long time. Either way, your prosthesis should always serve as a tool to make your life easier. If your prosthesis is no longer fulfilling that purpose it is time to look at getting a new one made. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your particular prosthesis.