Q: How soon after surgery can I be fit for a prosthesis?

A: We can begin the process of getting a prosthesis immediately after your surgery is completed. This will allow us to handle much of the paperwork while you are waiting to heal. After your incision has healed and your sutures have been removed, you will be ready to start wearing a shrinker in preparation for your casting. By starting the process as early as possible we aim to get you back up on your feet in as short of a time as we can.

On a related note, patience is one of the most important things for you to have during this period of healing. The limited benefits of beginning the fitting process any earlier are greatly outweighed by the risk of injury and even greater setbacks associated with waiting for secondary wounds to heal. You can still make progress before your fitting by doing reading on different prosthetic topics or participating in a physical therapy program. Doing things the right way is well worth the wait.