Q: What will my Prosthesis look like?

A: The specific appearance of your prosthesis will vary based on multiple factors. The level of amputation you have will determine the number and type of components that you receive. Your activity level will affect the class of components that will be available for use on your prosthesis. Generally speaking, lower-activity level components will have a more modest appearance and the higher-level components will look more high-tech and are often made of exotic materials. The third factor that will affect the appearance of your prosthesis is the branding the manufacturer chooses to put on their components. This is largely out of our control, as we generally make decisions on components based on their functional benefits rather than their aesthetic appearance.

If you do not like the appearance of the exposed components, we can offer you a cosmetic cover for your prosthesis. This will give your prosthesis a greater resemblance to your other limb and can help you to adjust to seeing yourself with a prosthesis. We will generally wait for a couple of months after your prosthesis is delivered to begin making a cosmetic cover. It is important for our practitioners to have easy access to the device in the first months in order to allow for adjustments to be made.