Working together to restore lives.


The circumstances under which a patient becomes an amputee can vary greatly. Regardless of why the amputation was performed, it can be extremely difficult for patients to make the transition back to a normal life. In our experience, we have found that the best method to approach the treatment of an amputee is to work collaboratively with the other members of their healthcare team. Regular use of a prosthesis can provide benefits for a patient’s overall health, mental well-being, and quality of life. We consider a patient to be successful if they are able to progress toward, and eventually achieve these improvements in their life. Join us in providing every patient a unique and comprehensive rehabilitation that they deserve. Read more below about the ways we work with other healthcare providers.



If you have a patient that would benefit from the entire package of services that we offer, you may refer them to us at any time during the process of their amputation. If you would like a patient care coordinator to come out and visit with one of your patients, we provide pre-amputation, immediately post-operative, and traditional consultations. The goal of any consultation is to LISTEN to a patient’s needs and thoroughly document their aspirations and functional need for a prosthesis. A consultation appointment is VITAL in the creation of an effective and customized treatment plan.  After all, the driving force behind patient-oriented care is the patient themselves. We will also make sure that every new amputee we meet has the opportunity to speak with a patient advocate. Our patient advocates are passionate about helping other amputees, and the benefits we have experienced by utilizing their services are immense. By bringing a patient along, we provide new amputees an opportunity relate to somebody who has endured similar circumstances to their own. A simple conversation with somebody relatable has the power to influence the motivation and outlook of a patient’s journey to rehabilitation.

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If you would like to learn more about our philosophy of care or prosthetic technologies, you may request an in-service by following the link below. A patient care coordinator will reach out and contact you to schedule a time that works well with your schedule. We currently offer in-services to hospitals, doctor’s offices, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation facilities, and home health offices. A fun and educational in-service is a great way to kick off a long-lasting and beneficial relationship between our team of professionals, and yours.

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 Resources for Your Patients:

We frequently receive requests from healthcare providers for resources that they can provide to their patients. We have put together a few packets containing some information that we consider beneficial to a new amputee learning to cope with their circumstances. The information includes some general tips on adjusting to life as an amputee, specific considerations depending on level of limb-loss, billing and the financial aspects of obtaining a prosthesis, and information regarding support groups/resources to help amputees cope with the emotional impacts of limb loss.

This information is freely available, we only ask that you contact us so we can direct you to the most appropriate resource package for your patient. When you call us we will provide you with the password that will allow you to download the information in .pdf format from the following page.

Click here to access the Resource Packet Portal.