As a successful and independent amputee you have the opportunity to inspire others and show them that it is possible to thrive despite losing a limb. If you are as passionate about restoring lives as we are, there are many ways for you to utilize your success story to help others.

Let Us Feature You:

Oftentimes a few words of encouragement from the right person are all it takes to make a difference on somebody’s road to rehabilitation. If you are a patient of ours and are interested in helping to change the lives of potentially hundreds of other amputees, we have an exciting opportunity for you! Share your story with us so we may use it to help inspire hundreds of other amputees! You will be making a huge impact by sharing your testimony with new amputees who have been thrown into a world they are completely unfamiliar with.

The best way for your story to be easily available to those who need it, is to allow us to feature it right here on our website! You will be an inspiration for many amputees who visit us in search of the way back to their lives. Over the course of providing personalized prosthetic solutions to hundreds of patients, we have found the most important factor to a new amputee’s success is how motivated they are. There is no better way to motivate a patient then to give them a preview of what their life could be like again. If you are interested in helping us to empower the next generation of new amputees, click here to get in touch with a Patient Care Coordinator.

Show, Don’t Tell:

If you are the kind of person that prefers to demonstrate their abilities and meet people face-to-face, then Patient Advocacy may be for you! Patient Advocates are a critical part in the first few steps of a new patient’s journey back to life. By sharing your story and coming along to meet new patients, you will have the opportunity to connect with people who are suffering through the same challenges that you have overcome. Help us make a difference by showing new amputees that it is possible to get their lives back and be happy again!

As a Patient Advocate, you will also have the opportunity to assist our Patient Care Coordinators in the education of patients, physical therapists, and doctors alike. This is a great opportunity to weigh in on what aspects of your treatment and rehabilitation were most effective in getting you to where you are today.  By helping us provide education and feedback to other healthcare providers, you will give the amputees of tomorrow a better chance at reaching their dreams. Join us in our mission to advance the standards of care for all amputees!

If you are interested in leaning more about becoming a Patient Advocate, please contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators to take the next step.