Working together for your future

We believe that the best way of returning you to your life involves a coordinated effort by each part of your healthcare team. Rehabilitation is a complicated process, so most new amputees will require a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals in order to achieve their goals. At minimum you should have a doctor, a physical therapy team and a prosthetic provider. With the support of a coordinated team of professionals, you will have the best possible chance to reach your rehabilitation goals and return to a fulfilling life.


Your Doctor:

Your doctor will play a key part in your rehabilitation. It is important that you select a doctor that you see regularly and are comfortable talking to so they can make the best decisions about what treatments will be right for you. Your doctor also ensures that your rehabilitation plan is most beneficial to your overall health. When you begin to think about getting your first prosthesis or an updated one, it is critical that you make an appointment to see your doctor and let them know what you would like to have done. They will be able to examine you and documents the issues you are having with your prosthesis, which will expedite the process of getting it approved by your insurance.

Your doctor DOES NOT need to be an expert on prosthetic technology/terminology. If they are uncomfortable/unfamiliar with the documentation process to authorize you to receive a new prosthesis, we can help. You may either ask to them call our office for clarification, or direct them to this pamphlet that explains what is required of their clinical documentation. By educating your doctor and getting them involved in the process of obtaining a prosthesis, you will give yourself the best chance of an efficient and fulfilling journey back to your life!


Your Physical Therapists:

Your team of physical therapists will have a massive role in helping you get back to your life. Almost every patient we have seen has required a significant involvement in physical therapy in order to function at a level they were satisfied with. This is completely normal! Using a prosthesis to walk is not an intuitive process at all, so it is vital that you work with somebody who knows how best to direct you. This way you can ensure that you are able to make timely progress towards your goals.

We will work closely with your physical therapists to monitor your progress. It will be important for us to keep an eye on the alignment and fit of your prosthesis during your first few months. That way we will be able to continually adjust the prosthesis as your body changes so that you are able to continue progressing as efficiently as possible. Physical Therapy is not easy, and everybody progresses through it at a different rate. As long as you keep your goals in sight and work hard, you will eventually be able to live your life the way you want again!